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Supercharge Your Campus Team

Campus recruiting is tough. This fall will be more challenging than ever.

Campus teams have big hiring and diversity goals this year, but are also growing leaner. While they work hard to get qualified applicants for their roles, low bandwidth and high volumes of unqualified applicants make it extremely hard to get the most out of their efforts. In fact, Gen Z candidates expect to submit 100+ applications each to fewer available positions this year.

But there's a better way to hit your targets, reduce costs, and future-proof your team and brand in the mass-apply era.

Read our guide to discover how you can supercharge your campus team this fall by automating sourcing and applicant review, and unlock insights into your hiring funnel to optimize your time and budget.

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What you’ll learn from this guide:

  • How to combat an unmanageable applicant volume that can harm your brand
    Without the ability to provide candidates with a tight feedback loop, employers risk a negative association with their brand. Learn how RippleMatch empowers teams to spend less time reviewing resumes and more time building relationships with top candidates.
  • How to avoid letting great talent slip through the cracks this season
    Most recruitment teams today aren’t making the most of the talent in their pipelines — and are continuing to lose great talent to their competitors. Discover how RippleMatch allows employers to provide a magical candidate experience by engaging candidates when their role is still top of mind.
  • How to better understand the ROI of your recruitment efforts and save budget

    Most leaders don’t have full visibility into their talent funnel, where hires are really coming from, and how they are tracking to their hiring and diversity goals. Uncover how RippleMatch provides employers with rich data on their early career hiring funnel.

Top Campus Teams Are Supercharged with RippleMatch

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Manual app review eating up valuable time?

Many campus recruiters are on the hook to manually sort through and process hundreds – if not thousands of applications from candidates; sidelining them from high-impact work.

Try our interactive calculator and learn just how much time is being wasted today, and explore the most efficient approach to sourcing, reviewing and fast-tracking candidates!