2021-2022 Hiring Season
The State of the Gen Z Job Search

Your comprehensive benchmarking report to all things compensation, offers, and Gen Z-friendly benefits.

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Widespread job loss due to the pandemic in 2020, followed by record-high ‘quit rates’ in 2021, has allowed candidates to continue to drive the labor market. In other words, recruiters are still battling for Gen Z’s attention in the war on talent in 2022.

Now more than ever, recruiters are at risk of losing even the most excited and engaged candidate to another company at every corner. And early career talent acquisition specialists are in the most unique position as they interact with a population of soon-to-be-workers who have known nothing else but this new reality.

In March 2022, we conducted a survey of more than 4,800 students to understand their experience in today’s market when it comes to salaries and benefits, as well as what workplace values keep them excited about their roles. We have put together a robust report of our findings to help recruitment teams better understand the candidates entering the labor market.

What do nearly 5,000 Gen Z candidates think about the state of today's internship & job search? Our latest report highlights a liberal attitude toward reneges, multiple offers, and a clear preference for hybrid workplaces.

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What you'll learn from this report:

Applications & Offers

How many opportunities are Gen Z candidates applying for as they search for internships and their first full-time roles? We’ve collected that data, and how many offers result from those efforts.

All About Reneges

What does the landscape of reneges truly look like, and what are the top reasons candidates backed out of an offer? We have the answers to these questions and more.

Compensation Benchmarking

What are candidates making in internships and full-time roles in the most competitive fields? We have those figures to help you determine how competitive your salaries are.

Benefits Benchmarking

Are your benefits in line with what Gen Z wants in the workplace? We asked students where their priorities lie.

Retention Benchmarking

Do you have the policies in place to support Gen Z's advancement in your company? We got you covered with data on how Gen Z feels about the factors that contribute to their tenure at your company.


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