Beyond the Ivy League: 

The top schools and strategies to connect with talented students across the country


Which strategies should you be implementing to build a diverse pipeline of talented entry-level candidates? 

While many recruiting strategies focus on nurturing relationships at a set of core schools (often elite institutions) there are several elements to a successful diversity recruiting strategy. To help you build a pipeline of diverse candidates, RippleMatch has put together a set of recommended strategies to implement and key academic institutions to build relationships with to help you increase representation and build stronger teams.

Download our guide for four key strategies to increase diversity and information on hundreds of schools to incorporate into your virtual campus recruitment strategy.

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What You'll Learn From This Guide 

The impact of expanding reach beyond a set of core schools

RippleMatch discovered that companies that expanded their list of target schools saw pipelines that had more racial/ ethnic diversity, as well as socioeconomic diversity. Download our guide to learn how big this impact is. 

The top public universities in each state

Public institutions provide a high-caliber education at an accessible cost. That means they are a great place to look for candidates. Utilize our list of the top public universities in each state to target specific geographical areas while increasing access to opportunity.

The top HBCUs, HSIs and Tribal Universities 

Targeting universities with a higher share of diverse candidates can help increase the representation of your pipeline. Get to know these top Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Tribal Colleges. 

Download our guide to diversify your campus strategy and bring in the most talented candidates across the country.