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State if University Recruitment 2024

2024 Insights Report

The State of University Recruitment

What does university recruitment look like in 2024 – and beyond?

An investment in early career talent is a long-term investment in the success of any company and leading organizations understand this. But what does a multi- faceted and innovative approach to
this investment look like today – and tomorrow? 

To get a sense for what the businesses with top early career programs are focusing on as we head further into 2024, we asked companies about their hiring plans and the strategies they are leaning on to bring in and keep the best talent this year.

Download our report to learn what entry-level and intern hiring looks like in 2024, and what tactics companies with top early career programs are using today.

State of University Recruitment 2024


What you’ll learn from this report:

  • The state of entry-level and intern hiring in 2024
    We share our data on how companies from various industries and across different program sizes are approaching hiring in 2024 compared to previous hiring seasons, as well as average intern conversion rates. 
  • Top university recruitment strategies
    We illustrate what companies with top early career programs are doing to bring in candidates, provide them with a stellar experience as they move through the hiring process, and demonstrate an investment in D&I.
  • Best practices for retaining candidates
    We showcase the benefits that companies across different program sizes are providing to employees today to ensure they pursue internal growth.

Summer Learning Series
Summer 2024

Join us for a one-of-a-kind series from May through August, granting access to exclusive resources, knowledge exchanging and expert panels for campus recruiting.
Get certified as the Modern University Recruiter and prepare for recruitment success during the busy fall season – and beyond.

RippleMatch Helps Top Teams Hire Their Future

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