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100 Events & How to Do Them

Attending career fairs and presenting your company to interested candidates remains an important part of a recruiting events strategy, but it’s only the beginning.

As the market for early career talent gets more competitive, you’ll be expected to do more to attract top talent. To remain in the game, you are going to have to learn not only how to get the most out of the events you attend, but also how to execute a slew of informative and entertaining events for candidates looking to know more about your company.

This guide will help you narrow your focus and set goals by laying out high-impact strategies to inform your event-planning process and ensure you are prepared to tackle the challenges that have been found to derail event planners. Plus, it will walk you through how to utilize RippleMatch’s platform to execute a successful event, and provide you with 100 event ideas to get you started. 

Download our guide to view our framework for a successful event, as well as 100 event ideas to kick off your planning process.

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What you’ll learn from this guide:

  • Why Events Matter

    Why should you invest the time and energy into creating an events strategy and hosting your own events? Learn the benefits of customizing event programming and attendee lists, and how it can help your company stay competitive in a candidate-driven market.

  • The Foundation for a Successful Event

    What barriers stand in the way of executing a great event? What are some best practices for my event? How can I guarantee attendance at my event? We have the answers to these questions and more.

  • How to Choose Events By Outcome

    Your events strategy should be informed by a specific goal. But what types of events should you be considering based on your objectives? We walk you through a series of events by their intended outcomes.

  • How RippleMatch Supports Successful Events

    How can RippleMatch Events, our early career management tool, be used to support your events strategy? We demonstrate how RippleMatch Events can help turn RSVPs into hires.

  • How to Choose Events By Outcome

    Are you eager to choose an event to attend or host but don't know where you should start? We got you covered. Use our list of 100 events to get a head start in your process.

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