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2021-2022 Hiring Season
The State of the Gen Z Job Search

Widespread job loss due to the pandemic in 2020, followed by record-high ‘quit rates’ in 2021, has allowed candidates to continue to drive the labor market. In other words, recruiters are still battling for Gen Z’s attention in the war on talent in 2022.

Now more than ever, recruiters are at risk of losing even the most excited and engaged candidate to another company at every corner. And early career talent acquisition specialists are in the most unique position as they interact with a population of soon-to-be-workers who have known nothing else but this new reality.

In March 2022, we conducted a survey of more than 4,800 students to understand their experience in today’s market when it comes to salaries and benefits, as well as what workplace values keep them excited about their roles. We have put together a robust report of our findings to help recruitment teams better understand the candidates entering the labor market.

What do nearly 5,000 Gen Z candidates think about the state of today's internship & job search? Our latest report highlights a liberal attitude toward reneges, multiple offers, and a clear preference for hybrid workplaces.

Guides & Reports

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The Quick Guide to the Most Competitive Labor Market

Six ways to tackle your greatest challenges in this market head-on.

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100 Events & How to Do Them

How to host a successful recruitment event, as well as 100 event ideas to kick off your planning process. 

Where Next: How to Expand Your School Reach to Find Top Technical Talent

Where Next: How to Expand Your School Reach to Find Top Technical Talent

Learn about top schools for recruiting tech talent and how to rework your recruitment strategy to expand your school reach to these universities.


Diversity in Tech: Strategic Investments In Early Career to Increase Representation

To increase diversity in tech roles, it's important to make strategic investments at the entry level. Here's how to do so.


What Gen Z Wants

How to build an organization that attracts and retains the next generation of talent.

Recruiting at HBCUs Guide

A Guide To Recruiting at HBCUs

If you care about candidate diversity, recruiting at HBCUs should be a part of your campus strategy.

HSI Guide

A Guide to Recruiting at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Key facts to know and top schools to visit to connect with talented candidates

Beyond the Ivy League

Beyond the Ivy League: 2021 Campus Guide

To build a pipeline of candidates from diverse backgrounds, expand your list of target schools.


Top Schools that Graduate the Most Female CS Majors

The Top Schools That Graduate The Most Female CS Majors

Download the infographic for five schools to target this season for incredibly talented female computer science talent.

Top 10 HBCUs with the Best CS Programs

The Top 10 HBCUs With The Best Computer Science Programs

With more than 100 HBCUs there are plenty of options, but we've identified 10 with especially strong CS programs to focus your recruitment efforts on.

Top 5 Schools with the Most Gender-Balanced CS Programs

The Top 5 Schools with the Most Gender-Balanced Computer Science Programs

Download our infographic for information about these top schools, in order to focus some of your recruiting there.

Top 5 HBCUs with the best STEM Programs

The Top 5 Historically Black Colleges and Universities With The Best STEM Programs

To help you recruit top technical candidates, we’ve rounded up 5 HBCUs with the best STEM programs to focus your campus recruiting efforts on.