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Christine Archer



Christine Archer
Global Head, SAP Internship Experience Program, SAP

Christine Archer is the Global Head of SAP’s Internship Experience Program (SAP iXp), a global program (20 countries, over 1,000 participating interns annually) designed to create impactful learning opportunities and drive holistic professional development for this next generation of top talent. Christine has over 16 years of experience across a variety of HR functions, such as learning & development and career coaching. Leading SAP iXp is the perfect culmination of Christine's experiences, skills and interests; her entire career has been dedicated to helping others realize their potential, and then equipping them to surpass it.

Career Highlight

2020 was a year of immense evolution for SAP iXp, driven by the new realities of COVID-19. The program, much like the world, moved to an entirely virtual format seemingly overnight. Christine and her team of devoted program leads worked tirelessly to support students and hiring managers alike; despite the physical isolation and global ambiguity everyone was navigating, SAP iXp provided uninterrupted programming and an inclusive sense of community (even hosting a virtual Intern Olympics across 32 countries!). Christine is incredibly proud to lead this team of intern development enthusiasts!

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