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AI in TA Guide

2024 Report

AI in TA: Navigating a New Wave of Technology in a Human-Centric Profession

AI's leap into the limelight, propelled by advanced systems like ChatGPT, has shifted the business landscape from caution to excitement.

Talent acquisition, integral to every company's success, now faces the challenge of integrating AI ethically to source and recruit vital talent.

Our guide delves into the critical questions of AI application, safety, and guidelines, with a spotlight on Gen Z recruitment strategies and the significant potential of campus recruitment.

As AI becomes a fixture in professional settings, we provide a roadmap for talent professionals to harness this tech wave, ensuring it enhances, rather than overshadows, the human touch that is the hallmark of recruitment.

Read our guide to discover insights how to navigate this new wave of technology in a such a highly human-centric profession .

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What you’ll learn from this guide:

  • The AI Landscape: We'll explore where this technology came from and how its used.

  • AI in Recruitment: We'll dive into the human touch vs. new technology, discovering the balance of AI in this human-centric profession.

  • AI in Early Career Recruitment: We'll focus on how new technology can elevate traditional campus recruitment and improve outcomes for early career hiring teams.

  • AI Safety: We'll highlight best practices when evaluating vendors that are thoughtful about AI safety and provide a real-world example of modern AI audits.

  • AI in Action: Take a step into the future. Our guide concludes with the next steps and key takeways to better incorporate AI into your talent acquisition workstreams.

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