Campus Forward Honoree - XPO Logistics

XPO Logistics displayed tremendous grit and agility this year as they built new recruiting processes. By utilizing new tools and providing development opportunities for students, the company was able to reach more candidates and increase brand awareness.

Read on for some of the highlights of XPO's innovative approach to college recruiting and why they were named a 2021 Campus Forward Honoree in RippleMatch's Campus Forward Awards.


Virtual Recruitment

To adapt to a virtual recruiting season, the XPO team began utilizing Zoom for interviews, participated in virtual events and career fairs, and hosted development sessions to increase brand awareness amongst students. With a small team and at minimal cost, XPO Logistics was able to successfully adapt in spite of the obstacles presented by COVID-19. They’re tremendously proud of their accomplishments, and credit RippleMatch with helping them by expanding their brand footprint among students.


Candidate Experience

When crafting their candidate experience, the XPO team places an emphasis on being as transparent and communicative as possible. To do this, they thoroughly train their hiring teams on their programs and offer intern-focused interview questions. For candidates, the team is available through the entire lifecycle. They personally call candidates to make offers, or to politely decline them. In addition, the team celebrates accepted offers with a care package, which typically goes out right around final exams, to celebrate students joining their team and to offer support during a stressful time in their education.


Diversity and Inclusion

XPO Logistics utilizes RippleMatch to ensure diversity and representation amongst their student candidates. They also partner with HBCUs in their markets and participate in diversity-focused career conferences with O4U and HACU. In addition, they’re building stronger relationships with student organizations at their top tier schools. Finally, XPO added a D&I Office which will add significant value to their already robust diversity recruiting strategies.

Congratulations to XPO Logistics for their accomplishments this past year. RippleMatch is proud to recognize XPO Logistics in our 2021 Campus Forward Awards for their commitment toward the next generation of talent. 

Learn more about opportunities at XPO Logistics by visiting their Careers Page , their RippleMatch Company Branded Page, and their LinkedIn Company Page.