Campus Forward Honoree - Viasat

Viasat’s early career team has continued to thrive by relying on the company’s pillars – operating as one team, adapting to new and ambiguous circumstances, and taking on the challenge of an almost completely remote workforce. This year, these pillars have helped the team build an interactive, engaging candidate experience and internship program.

Read on for some of the highlights of Viasat's innovative approach to college recruiting and why they were named a 2021 Campus Forward Honoree in RippleMatch's Campus Forward Awards.


Summer Internship Program

This summer, Viasat’s early career team researched solutions for a virtual summer internship program that would provide a meaningful experience for interns and then pivoted the internship program to an immersive virtual experience. Viasat strived to create the best possible environment for interns, and hosted events like a negotiation workshop, yoga and fitness Fridays, and Ask Me Anything (AMA’s) with business area leaders. The interns’ team also stayed available to collaborate and assist with any questions interns had, providing a hands-on learning experience all summer long.


Virtual Recruitment

As the switch to online recruitment began, Viasat set out to leverage new technologies and partnerships that allowed them to connect with more diverse, quality talent without the limitations that are sometimes imposed by travel and proximity. In addition to expanding student reach, the team also hosted events like networking nights that allowed students to interact with Viasat employees and learn more about the teams they would be joining.


Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is of utmost importance to Viasat’s Talent Acquisition team, and this year was no different. As students began interviewing for positions, the early career team at Viasat was there to answer questions every step of the way and provided resources that better told Viasat’s story. As offers went out, students received handwritten notes from recruiters, monthly newsletters, and a winter care package welcoming them to the Viasat community.


Diversity and Inclusion

Viasat believes that diverse perspectives lead to more ideas, different approaches, and innovative problem solving to help connect the world. The University Relations & Recruitment team supports the company’s commitment to D&I by strategizing sourcing initiatives, reaching out to diverse student organizations, partnering with universities with diverse student bodies that represent underrepresented students, and utilizing the company’s employee referral program. The team also collaborates with Viasat’s Employee Resource Groups to participate in recruiting events and maintain inclusive recruiting experiences.

Congratulations to Viasat for their accomplishments this past year. RippleMatch is proud to recognize Viasat in our 2021 Campus Forward Awards for their commitment toward the next generation of talent. 

Learn more about opportunities at Viasat by visiting their Careers Page and their LinkedIn Company Page.