Campus Forward Honoree - Qualtrics

Qualtrics embraced new tools and technologies this year to quickly adapt to a virtual world. The team’s agility proved a major advantage as they hosted a remote internship, engaged with more students, and continued supporting diverse talent.

Read on for some of the highlights of Qualtrics' innovative approach to college recruiting and why they were named a 2021 Campus Forward Honoree in RippleMatch's Campus Forward Awards.


Summer Internship Program

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, Qualtrics pivoted all internship roles to remote work and developed online experiences to create connection and a sense of community for interns across organizations. They developed a weekly webinar series with executives and Q Groups (ERGs), hosted virtual movie and game nights, and connected with their interns during 1:1s and in groups. Managers and team members are always friendly and open to answering interns’ questions, and this was reflected in the virtual internship as well. Intern job responsibilities and expectations remained the same in order to provide the same depth of career development.


Virtual Recruitment

Qualtrics doubled-down their efforts on RippleMatch and other active sourcing methods, utilizing the new tools, and assigning more recruiting partners to actively utilize RippleMatch’s platform to build their talent pool. The team also developed webinars for interview prep training and other career prep tips for university students. These webinars allowed them to connect with 1000+ students they otherwise wouldn’t have. To increase branding, Qualtrics also hosted alumni Q&A panels and attended virtual career fairs. 


Candidate Experience

When it comes to candidate experience, Qualtrics applied their company values of transparency and scrappy-ness to their virtual candidate experience. The Qualtrics team ensured all candidates were provided information on company culture, values, locations, and office spaces  to help interns understand Qualtrics’ company culture from afar. The team also considered virtual accessibility at every interview stage, making sure to provide phone and Zoom interviews available for all roles.


Diversity and Inclusion

Qualtrics uses RippleMatch to recruit talent and the Campus team partners with Q Groups (Employee Resource Groups) to help support their diverse talent during their career life cycle. Q Groups help provide community connection and support for all Qualtrics employees, from intern and part time to their executive team members. Q Groups include MosaiQ which is committed to advancing the careers, goals, and well-being of communities of color, and WLD which is dedicated to developing, retaining, and attracting talented women to join Qualtrics.  

Congratulations to Qualtrics for their accomplishments this past year. RippleMatch is proud to recognize Qualtrics in our 2021 Campus Forward Awards for their commitment toward the next generation of talent. 

Learn more about opportunities at Qualtrics by visiting their Careers Page , their RippleMatch Company Branded Page, and their LinkedIn Company Page.