Campus Forward Honoree - PEAK6

From their recruiting processes to their internship program, PEAK6 built out an engaging virtual experience this year. These experiences included a high-touch virtual superdays, exciting virtual recruitment events, and a fulfilling remote internship program.  

Read on for some of the highlights of PEAK6's innovative approach to college recruiting and why they were named a 2021 Campus Forward Honoree in RippleMatch's Campus Forward Awards.


Summer Internship Program

The team knew they had to capture PEAK6's essence, even in a virtual environment – so the internship program focused on three main tenets of people, culture, and education. The team was especially creative about their social events, which included happy hours, escape rooms and game nights, while also giving interns access and exposure to real-world experiences and development opportunities. Interns got familiar with the portfolio of companies at PEAK6, worked in teams on exciting projects, and gave final presentations to leaders. 


Virtual Recruitment

PEAK6 adapted to the virtual environment through partnering with RippleMatch, hosting multi-school information sessions, and evolving in-person activities into virtual ones. This year, trading candidates played games on a PEAK6 proprietary platform called Mad Llama, and tech candidates created a PEAK6 edition of Codenames. These activities helped serve as ice breakers and showcased the company’s culture in an organic way.


Candidate Experience

PEAK6 prides themselves on their high-touch and tailored recruiting process. Their goal was to maintain that approach virtually all while keeping candidate experience at the forefront. This focus on candidate experience was evident in PEAK6’s virtual superdays. All candidates received a branded and personalized schedule for the day, along with Zoom links. PEAK6 had over 15 employees hosting interviews, desk shadows, or serving on a panel to form a personalized process for students.


Diversity and Inclusion

PEAK6 co-founder, former trader Jenny Just, has a passion for getting more women into the trading industry. As a result, the company created a summer internship called the PEAK6 Trading Experience for Women, an experience to give women the opportunity to see what it is like to be a trader. They’ve also mirrored this effort on their Technology side, through the PEAK6 Technology Experience for Women.  Additionally, PEAK6 leverages RippleMatch to curate a diverse pipeline of candidates for their opportunities.

Congratulations to PEAK6 for their accomplishments this past year. RippleMatch is proud to recognize PEAK6 in our 2021 Campus Forward Awards for their commitment toward the next generation of talent. 

Learn more about opportunities at PEAK6 by visiting their Careers Page , their RippleMatch Company Branded Page, and their LinkedIn Company Page.