Campus Forward Honoree - EY

With the onset of COVID-19 in the spring, EY was quick to decide to maintain their internship program in a new virtual format. Around the same time in the spring, they began preparing for the possibility of virtual fall recruitment. Their preparation allowed them to maintain a strategy where candidate interests were at the forefront of all decision making.

Read on for some of the highlights of EY's innovative approach to college recruiting and why they were named a 2021 Campus Forward Honoree in RippleMatch's Campus Forward Awards.


Summer Internship Program

When faced with adapting their program due to COVID-19, EY leadership decided early on to make their virtual offering as similar to past internship programs as possible by offering a meaningful, 5-week virtual program for their interns. Interns joined client service teams to work on a diverse slate of projects, participated in social events with other interns, and had frequent opportunities to hear from leaders at the firm on many occasions. The internship culminated in a capstone project, as well as a celebration event where interns heard from EY’s Global Chairman and CEO.


Virtual Recruitment

EY began preparing for the possibility of virtual fall recruitment in the spring, developing collateral, templates, educational resources, and training to make virtual recruiting a success.  Their strategy included a variety of platforms to source candidates, market events, and prioritize individualized attention and candidate education. EY also hosted a mix of general information sessions including: interactive programs to educate students on the services they provide for clients; panels with individuals of all ranks to discuss their experience at the firm; coffee chats with recruiters to speak with candidates individually; and conversations with EY leaders.


Candidate Experience

EY places substantial importance on ensuring candidates feel prepared for the recruitment experience. Throughout the hiring process, EY recruiters spent much of their time developing relationships with candidates to understand their individual interests and educate them on company culture and firm offerings. They also hosted a number of professional workshops designed to enhance candidates’ chances of finding a role that suits their background and interests, including how to write a resume, tips for successful virtual interviews, and tips for case studies.


Diversity and Inclusion

EY’s comprehensive inclusive recruiting strategy is focused on differential investments in early ID programming for all students and additional investments focused on ethnicity, gender, LGBT+, veterans and students with disabilities. Their efforts are focused on student empowerment and support through external organizations and connecting with students directly through virtual sourcing partners. EY offers innovative programming such as Women in Technology and Discover EY, and contributes to positive systemic change by working with educational institutions through the EY Foundation

Congratulations to EY for their accomplishments this past year. RippleMatch is proud to recognize EY in our 2021 Campus Forward Awards for their commitment toward the next generation of talent. 

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