What Gen Z Wants: How to Build an Organization That Attracts and Retains the Next Generation of Talent

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The next generation of talent: What do they want in the workplace, and how has the pandemic shifted their priorities?

For leaders grappling with how to best support a new generation of professionals, the ideal path forward isn’t crystal clear. There’s no right answer: but there is data on what thousands of Gen Z college students want from employers.

Since 2018, RippleMatch has been surveying Gen Z college students on what they value when searching for jobs and internships. To help close the information gap, we have put together a robust report of our findings on Gen Z's preferences, including how priorities have shifted since the beginning of the pandemic. 

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What you'll learn from this report:

What Gen Z Expects of the Candidate Experience

How frequently should you communicate with Gen Z candidates? What channels should you use to reach them? Learn what factors Gen Z considers to be the most important for a positive candidate experience, as well as their top challenges in the job search process.

Remote, In-Person, or Hybrid? How Gen Z Wants to Work

We know that remote work has gained in popularity since the pandemic began. But are Gen Z candidates as eager to work remotely as their counterparts already in the workplace? We share all of our data on how Gen Z wants to work. 

What Gen Z Expects From Their Workplace

What factors do students consider when evaluating companies? What would cause candidates to renege after accepting an offer? What exactly are Gen Z candidates looking for in their first jobs? We have the answers to these questions and more.


What D&I Initiatives are Important to Gen Z Candidates

A commitment to diversity and inclusion is important to most candidates today. But what factors do students look for when evaluating companies? Learn what D&I initiatives are most important to Gen Z.

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