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So You're Building an Early Career Program...

A Virtual Learning Series for Establishing Your Campus Recruiting Program & Strategy

  • Session 1: Foundations: The Pillars of a Strong Early Career Program
  • Session 2: Setting Yourself Up for Success in your First Fall Recruitment Season

The market for early career talent has grown exponentially more competitive in the past two years and the number of dedicated programs to recruit this talent has seen a sharp increase. Newly formed programs have an exciting opportunity in front of them, but an increased challenge to stand out from the rest.

When you're starting a program from scratch, how do you conceptualize and build out a dynamic early career recruiting strategy to attract strong candidates?

Join the RippleMatch team and URx to begin advocating for your early career recruiting program and building out a strong strategy!

The Virtual Learning Series includes two live events:

  • The first event will cover the foundational pieces necessary for a successful early career program and getting buy-in from your organization.
  • The second event will guide you through a framework & timeline for your early career program ahead of the fall recruitment season.

The course includes both Session 1 and Session 2, as well as follow-up content and and overall recap guide. Sign up through this page to access the entire course for free!

*The virtual learning series is recommended for talent professionals who are starting or considering an early career program. 

Resource Library: Blog Posts, Articles, and Guides!

Takeaways from Sessions 1 & 2, as well as additional resources for building your early career program.

  • BLOG: Session 1 Recap
  • BLOG: Session 2 Recap
  • Overall Recap Guide
  • Discounted tickets to URx22 Conference

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