The Gen Z Job Seeker: Fall 2020 Recruitment Trends Outlook

How the era of COVID-19 is shaping the next generation of professionals – and what college recruitment teams should know for fall 2020 recruitment

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COVID-19 has drastically altered how and where we work, as well as the economic opportunities that are available. How is this shaping the next generation of professionals? What does this mean for fall 2020 recruitment?

We surveyed more than 1,000 juniors and seniors from 235 schools about the challenges they’re facing in the job search, their views on remote work vs. relocation, what they’re looking for in an offer, and how COVID-19 and recent protests against racial injustice have influenced what they look for in their first job or internship.

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What You'll Learn From This Report 

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Student priorities when evaluating job offers

77% of college seniors says compensation will be a top priority when evaluating job offers. Only 42% of Class of 2019 respondents from a survey conducted last year selected compensation as one of the most influential factors when accepting a job offer.

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Student opinions on remote work and relocation

Students rated their remote internships highly – but only 5% said they are looking exclusively for remote jobs and internships. That said, Gen Z job seekers are playing close attention to how companies have supported their remote workers through COVID-19.

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What D&I Initiatives Resonate With Generation Z

69% of Gen Z survey respondents say that having a diverse executive leadership demonstrates a commitment to D&I. Hiring and promotion of diverse talent also showcases a strong commitment to diversity & inclusion, according to respondents.

Download the report to understand how the current climate is shaping the future of Gen Z professionals – and what that means for your campus recruitment strategy.