Tatum Sprinkle


Tatum Sprinkle



Tatum Sprinkle
Early Careers Program Manager, Shaw Industries

Tatum Sprinkle is the Early Careers Program Manager at Shaw Industries. She is responsible for leading a team that manages the recruitment efforts needed to build and maintain a healthy entry level talent pipeline for the enterprise. Over the last five years, Tatum has played an integral role in attracting top talent to Shaw in early careers, sales, integrated supply chain and operations/ manufacturing. Tatum was instrumental in developing Shaw's Supply Chain Development Program, a signature Shaw program that attracts and develops top talent for the the Integrated Supply Chain organization.

Career Highlight

Tatum has been able to identify gaps in Shaw Industries' early career programs, and swiftly find new methods of communicating with leadership and program members to ensure that all parties had necessary oversight and a clear definition of success. She was instrumental in creating a new, two-year Supply Chain Development Program to help fill a hiring gap identified by senior leadership. The program offers mentoring opportunities and four six-month rotations for prospective candidates. By having an open mind and listening to all parties involved, Tatum was able to take decisive action to drive results.

Congratulations to Tatum Sprinkle for winning the Talent Innovator Award in the category of Engineering, Logistics, Hardware, and Construction! 

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