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Panel Discussion:

Bridging the Age Gap - Creating an Inclusive Multigenerational Workplace

Regardless of your role or workplace environment, being able to work side by side with other generations is becoming more important every year. Gen Z workers will comprise over a quarter of the global workforce by 2025. Meanwhile, 20% of baby boomers will retire in the next decade.

Currently, there is a grand total of five generations in the workforce–collaborating on projects, managing and mentoring each other, and connecting on a personal level through ERGs and social activities. 

In order to have a harmonious work environment, it is essential that talent leaders make a conscious effort to create a workplace that is inclusive of workers of all ages. In this webinar, our speakers will cover:

  • The motivations, behaviors, and expectations of working generations
  • How to preserve the integrity of your company culture while making it approachable and welcoming for the new generation of workers
  • How to facilitate connections between Gen Z workers and their colleagues

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