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Where Next: How to Expand Your School Reach to Find Top Technical Talent



Where should you be focusing your efforts to recruit top tech talent?

For years, organizations have been recruiting software engineers and other tech talent from the same set of well-known universities. But are the most career-ready candidates actually coming from those schools? CodeSignal has analyzed the results of the General Coding Assessment, a standardized test that measures a candidate's coding ability, to see which schools produce the most high-scoring graduates. The results of their analysis may surprise you.

In this guide, we'll explore CodeSignal's rankings and provide five strategies to revamp your approach to recruiting tech talent at the university level.

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What you'll learn from this guide:

Advice To Forge Relationships with Strategic Schools

You've always recruited from the same set of core schools—but you've struggled to fill important roles. How can you find more top tech talent? We share five strategies to expand your school reach and find more great candidates.

Schools To Target For Top Technical Talent
Which schools produce the most career-ready tech candidates? Where can you find great, diverse tech talent in your region? We dive into CodeSignal's Rankings to help you discover which schools you should focus your efforts on based on your recruiting needs.

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