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About Samsara

Publicly Traded Large Enterprise (1000+ employees)

B2B Technology

Samsara, the Connected Operations Cloud company, is a leading IoT (Internet of Things) company that builds sensors, software, and cloud services to help more than 20,000 customers improve the safety, efficiency and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy.

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The Pillars of an Award-Winning Program

The Highlights of Samsara's Approach to Early Career Hiring

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Building an Innovative and Multi-Faceted Approach to University Recruiting

Samsara looked to student clubs and on-campus programs with a professional focus to connect with students whose interests align with open roles. The top of the funnel included an objective coding assignment in place of resume review to reduce resume bias. Events were focused on creating valuable and engaging experiences including workshops where engineers walked through coding challenges, Open Houses where candidates interacted with engineering teams and saw live product demos, and an AMA with the VP of Engineering. To engage with campus and entry-level talent, Samsara’s new grads wrote blog posts on their full-time experience while interns created videos on their internship experience.

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Crafting a Standout Candidate Experience

Samsara's university recruiting team hosted virtual Office Hours for candidates to drop in and ask questions around the recruiting process and early career opportunities. Newsletters were also sent with info on the interview process, how to best prepare for the interview, and more about the internship program. The interview process includes a real-world problem relevant to what the intern would work on and gives insight into the challenges they would tackle. The interview also includes real-time feedback and time for them to ask questions to the interviewer. After receiving an offer, interns are connected with an engineer or former intern to ask about team dynamics, culture, and the company.

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Moving the Needle on Diversity & Inclusion

Samsara partnered with organizations like ColorStack and Rewriting the Code to engage with underrepresented communities by hosting Tech Talks and Coffee Chats and used a diversity platform to source diverse talent, especially from HBCUs, HSIs, and women’s colleges. Candidates were also connected with ERG members through AMAs and panel discussions. Interns and new grads are matched with mentors of similar backgrounds whose role is to also foster an inclusive and welcoming environment by helping them navigate the organization and understand the company’s workplace culture. An ERG Fair is organized for interns to interact with ERGs and learn how to be actively involved in DEI efforts.

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Investing in Impactful Internship Programs

The internship program is dedicated to providing an impactful learning experience by ensuring projects are thoroughly scoped out and consist of meaningful work. Interns are assigned a mentor to receive support and guidance through weekly office hours and 1:1s. They also participate in “Sharing Fridays” where they share or demo what they’re working on and give a final presentation at the end of the program to understand the impact they’re making at the company. AMAs are also organized for interns to have exclusive facetime with the CEO and CTO, and they take part in the company’s annual kickoff where this past year, they heard from professional skateboarder Tony Hawk on his career journey.

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Supporting the Growth and Development of Entry-Level Talent

New grads dive into real projects that drive impact across all teams and the company also offers a rotational program for aspiring product managers to gain hands-on experience on product teams. They are presented with career frameworks and clear paths to promotion and go through custom training and development programs to set them up for success. In addition to mentors, they have coffee chats with people across different teams to establish connections early on and promote cross-group collaboration. The sense of community in the workplace has been a large part of the new grad experience where every cohort has organized social events and formed employee clubs on their own.

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