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RingCentral is a leading provider of global enterprise cloud communications, video meetings, collaboration, and contact center. RingCentral is building a more connected world by powering every conversation and workflow, creating smarter teamwork.


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The Pillars of an Award-Winning Program

RingCentral was selected as a 2023 Campus Forward Award Winner for their unwavering commitment to seeking out and hiring early career talent, their emphasis on diversity & inclusion, and investments in nurturing and retaining the next generation of talent. Please see below for the highlights of their approach to early career recruitment.


Demonstrated Investment in Early Career Hiring

RingCentral views hiring early career talent as a crucial way to continue to innovate, to connect with diverse and underrepresented talent, and as an investment in the workforce of tomorrow. Early career talent delivers fresh ideas and new ways of approaching technology challenges. They also keep the work culture dynamic and ever-changing, and RingCentral’s recent awards for Best Company Culture and Happiest Employees can be traced back to the contributions of recent graduate hires. Finally, ideally, RingCentral interns will continue with the company, however wherever RingTerns go, they will carry the valuable lessons they learned at RingCentral with them as they shape the workforce of the future.

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Innovative and Multi-Faceted Approach to University Recruitment

RingCentral continues to evolve its recruitment strategy to the ever-changing landscape of early career hiring. This past year, RingCentral’s university recruiting team honed in on hybrid experiences for students, with the core of its strategy being “what can we give to students to assist them with their career goals?” This strategy led to virtual personal and professional development workshops and panels centered around key topics that RingCentral’s former interns expressed interest in. The topics ranged from crafting the perfect resume to selling yourself using social media to how to identify the right employer culture for you. On campus, RingCentral’s focus went beyond career fairs to also getting involved in student clubs, organizations, and conferences.

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Overarching Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

RingCentral knows that a more diverse and inclusive culture not only improves employee retention, it also makes the company more successful and productive. One of the most impactful ways to increase diversity (and spread inclusive best practices) is through campus-based diversity hiring. RingCentral’s university recruiting team has a member whose job focus is to increase DEI efforts on campus and manage its three early career diversity programs. These programs were created specifically to serve underrepresented minority talent communities within the tech industry. Alongside an inclusive culture where everyone is supported to show up as their most authentic self, RingCentral encourages all employees to get involved in any of its 9 ERGs. Further, RingCentral interns are paired with a mentor from one of the ERGs to provide increased support and networking opportunities.

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Impactful Internship Program

RingCentral has developed a high-performing internship program that is holistic in its approach to intern learning and real-world experience. The RingTern program’s goals are to provide genuine work experience and insight, networking opportunities, promote personal growth, and have fun along the way. Mentors provide a direct manager relationship and incorporate interns into daily meetings, cross functional teamwork, and hands-on projects that result in real business impact. Interns are offered networking opportunities with peers, senior leadership, and employees outside their department through team projects, coffee chats, and informal discussions. The internship program would not be complete without their Disrupt innovation challenge; a hackathon-like project that promotes intern teamwork and encourages innovation. RingCentral ensures that during the 12-week internship program, interns’ time spent is enjoyable through games, prizes, volunteer events, team projects, and daily interactions with the university and intern team.

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Growth and Development of the Next Generation of Talent

RingCentral is committed to the success of its entry-level hires through a robust onboarding training experience. This training spans across several weeks, depending on the role, and covers everything from company culture, the RingCentral platform, and benefits and perks to very job-specific and industry-focused training. Alongside having their direct manager, all new entry-level hires are also paired with a mentor to further assist them in onboarding successfully into their new role. RingCentral new hires are encouraged to get involved with the many employee engagement activities (in office and virtual) and interest groups available to all employees. These employee activities range from friendly office Mario Kart competitions to interest groups for BBQ lovers to cultural celebrations like Hispanic Heritage Month. There is even a global friendship alliance employee program that provides employees an opportunity to meet and engage with colleagues from around the RingCentral global network.

Congratulations to the team at RingCentral for being selected as one of the winners of RippleMatch’s 2023 Campus Forward Awards!

RippleMatch’s Campus Forward Awards recognizes the top early career teams and programs in the nation. Through a detailed application process, early career teams shared their approach to recruitment, candidate experience, D&I, and internship & entry-level programming. The programs picked for this award represent the best of the best, selected from applications submitted by campus recruiting teams across industries.

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