Recruiting at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Key facts to know and top schools to connect with to find talented candidates.

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To increase representation at the entry-level, recruit at colleges and universities with a diverse student base – like Hispanic-Serving Institutions.

To help more talent teams establish or expand their presence at HSIs, we’ve put together a guide with key facts to know about these institutions, tips for recruiting there, and the top schools for subjects like STEM, Business, and Liberal Arts. Use this guide to bolster your campus recruiting strategy and achieve your hiring goals this year and beyond.

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What You'll Learn From This Guide 

The most important facts about HSIs

To help you understand the importance of HSIs in the U.S., we’ve listed 5 facts you should know about these schools and the students who attend them.

Top tips for recruiting at HSIs

You likely already have a presence at HSIs or are hoping to establish one. We created this guide to help strengthen your employer brand on campus and reach the right candidates.

Where to find the right candidates 

To build diverse teams in STEM, CS, Business, or Liberal Arts, forge connections with these schools on our established lists of top HSIs in those areas.

Download our guide for a comprehensive look at the top HSIs across various fields and how to best recruit from these institutions.