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Rachel Neuschaefer
Recruiting Manager, Entry Level/ Campus Recruiting Lead, Accenture Federal Services

Rachel is the Entry Level Recruiting Manager for Accenture Federal Services, responsible for leading all entry level and campus recruiting for the Washington, DC area, San Antonio, TX and St. Louis, MO. She has almost 20 years of recruiting experience, with seven spent in Campus Recruiting. Previously, she was a Recruiting Manager for a small tech-focused consulting firm. She is passionate about diversity, candidate experience, and building a truly inclusive process so that all individuals have equal opportunities.

Career Highlight

Rachel’s team is responsible for hiring a high volume of diverse technical and consulting talent, not only from campuses, but throughout the year in times that don’t align to traditional graduation cycles. When the team was asked to significantly increase their hiring volume quickly, Rachel challenged the team to expand their sourcing to find/recruit/hire even more diverse talent. As Rachel saw that candidates from many of these new sources were not completely prepared for the rigorous interview process, she took it upon herself to create and offer a weekly prep session, resulting in significantly higher success rates of the students.

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