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Spring Raffle - RippleMatch

Your dream job is waiting...
...and so is the chance for a $1,000

Enter the RippleMatch Professional Development Spring Raffle – and meet your top matches!

+Conditions apply.

Professional Development Spring Raffle

RippleMatch is the job platform that works for you, designed to connect exceptional candidates looking to break into their careers, with the best employers. If you're looking for your next opportunity, we've got something special for you.

This spring, we're giving five student RippleMatch users a $1,000 prize each to help with school fees (such as textbooks, meal plan, etc).

Simply apply to one of your job matches on the platform between March 22nd and April 26th, and you'll be entered for a chance to win one of the five $1,000 professional development prizes.

See below for the step-by-step instructions to apply to a role 'For You' and enroll in the raffle! See full terms & conditions here.

📝 How to participate

1. Log into your RippleMatch profile here – or create one here.
It takes only 5 minutes to create a free profile and you'll start being discovered by top organizations – sign up for free!

2. Go to your "For You" Page
This is where you'll find all of your matched opportunities – jobs that you are a perfect fit for... almost like magic! 🪄

3. Simply click on 'Introduce Me!' to apply!
These employers are eager to chat with you – just fill out the rest of the application, add a few more details and you're on a path to an interview!
We make it easy to complete and should only take about 5 minutes – promise! 🤞

5. Submit your application and automatically enter the raffle!
After applying to a 'For You' matched role, we'll take it from here and you'll be entered for the raffle! 🤑

6. More matches, more opportunities!
Since companies are looking for top talent all the time and new roles are posted daily, continue to check back on the 'Introduce Me' page to see new and exciting opportunities that you'd be perfect for! 🤩

⏺️ Visual learners Video:

Follow us along in this video to find great opportunities, apply to a role perfect for you, and get enrolled in the raffle to win $1,000!

colin cassell

Colin Cassell

Georgia Institute of Technology


I was doing LinkedIn 'Easy Apply', clicking on things,
and hearing back from nowhere. Genuinely after just a couple of days using RippleMatch I was getting replies from companies!

Automatically match with top employers


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