Melissa Rutledge


Melissa Rutledge

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Melissa Rutledge
Talent Acquisition Director / Campus Recruiting Lead, Point B `

Melissa Rutledge is a Management Consultant turned Talent Acquisition Director at Point B. Melissa leads the Campus Recruiting Program and leads other experienced hiring across the organization. Prior to Point B Melissa was a Manager at Accenture and continues to apply her consulting skillset to lead people, process and technology improvements for the Talent Acquisition team. Melissa is passionate about making connections, building relationships, empowering and developing people as they bring their authentic selves to the workplace.

Career Highlight

Melissa partnered with Point B's Business Resource Groups to create a recruiting strategy geared at helping students in their professional development by creating the PATH program of five virtual professional development sessions. One of the key themes of the program that was critical to Melissa’s vision was that students learned to bring their whole selves to work and be authentic in who they are in and outside of work. Point B connected with 200+ students across 30+ campuses, received great feedback and attracted hires from a diverse set of campuses, educational profiles and backgrounds.

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Category: Finance, Business, and IT Services | SMB Companies


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