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About Lithko Contracting

Lithko Contracting is where future leaders build their construction careers. As the nation's second largest concrete contractor, Lithko builds impressive careers and communities in over 20 locations across the US.




Privately Held Large Enterprise (1000+ employees)

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The Pillars of an Award-Winning Program

Lithko Contracting was selected as a 2024 Campus Forward Award Winner for their unwavering commitment to seeking out and hiring early career talent and investments in nurturing and retaining the next generation of diverse talent. Please see below for the highlights of their approach to early career recruitment.

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Innovative Use of Technology

Lithko Contracting's early career team is revolutionizing its approach to processes and data by leveraging new technology to elevate program outcomes and improve efficiency. Embracing a school-agnostic strategy, they harness sourcing platforms to cast a wide net for diverse talent. Fully digitizing and automating the offer letter process has significantly improved the candidate experience while decreasing the administrative load on recruiters. Pre-boarding initiatives powered by Abode improve engagement, decrease reneges, and better equip students, ensuring a smoother transition into early career roles. Utilizing Power BI for real-time insights allows agile adjustments to strategies, ensuring adaptability and informed decision-making. This tech-driven transformation reflects Lithko's commitment to innovation, propelling their program to new heights of effectiveness and agility.

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Impactful Internship Program

Lithko's internship program stands out as an enriching experience for early career talent due to its tailored support and holistic approach. Dedicated integration managers collaborate closely with interns, aiding in the development of work objectives aligned with individual goals and past experiences, fostering personalized career journeys. Regular check-ins facilitated by Campus Talent Specialists offer consistent guidance and support throughout the program. Supervision and accountability from regional leaders reflect a deep commitment to Lithko's future leaders, ensuring interns receive mentorship and insights crucial for their professional journey. Regional events serve as a pivotal platform, uniting interns and Project Engineers (PEs) across the region, fostering collaboration, networking, and a shared experience that connects individual experiences to the larger Lithko vision, further enhancing the overall impact of the program.

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Growth and Development of the Next Generation of Talent

Lithko invests in the retention and success of entry-level hires through an intentional process from the time they accept an offer. Pre-boarding initiatives offer comprehensive guidance and resources, laying a robust foundation for a successful journey within Lithko. Dedicated managers are aligned with entry-level hires based on experience and long-term career aspirations. Managers engage their new hires before their start date to begin building a personalized career journey. Entry-level hires are provided with a well-defined one-year plan, outlining their development trajectory from Project Engineer (PE) to their next role. On average, PEs are promoted within 12 months – a reflection of the commitment to swift progression and career advancement. Regional and executive oversight guarantees accountability, fostering individual growth that aligns with organizational goals.

Congratulations to the team at Lithko Contracting for being selected as one of the winners of RippleMatch’s 2024 Campus Forward Awards!

RippleMatch’s Campus Forward Awards recognizes the top early career teams and programs in the nation. Through a detailed application process, early career teams shared their approach to recruitment, candidate experience, technology, D&I, and internship & entry-level programming. The programs picked for this award represent the best of the best, selected from applications submitted by campus recruiting teams across industries.

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