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About Frontier Communications

Frontier is the largest pure-play fiber provider in the U.S. Driven by their purpose, Building Gigabit America®, Frontier delivers blazing-fast broadband connectivity that unlocks the potential of millions of consumers and businesses.




Publicly Traded Large Enterprise (1000+ employees)

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The Pillars of an Award-Winning Program

Frontier Communications was selected as a 2024 Campus Forward Award Winner for their unwavering commitment to seeking out and hiring early career talent and investments in nurturing and retaining the next generation of diverse talent. Please see below for the highlights of their approach to early career recruitment.

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Innovative Use of Technology

Frontier prioritizes an accessible and fair candidate experience using event management tools, CRM, and social media for efficient coordination of 20+ career fairs and networking events, connecting with over 1500 students. Their cutting-edge talent systems enable a swift, mobile-friendly application process (<3 mins), resulting in over 1500 applications, and AI aids recruiters in fair resume reviews. Intern roles skip technical assessments, opting for behavioral-based questions to assess soft skills, breaking down entry barriers. Virtual interviews, powered by video software, ensure accessibility and nationwide reach, enhancing diversity. Beyond recruiting, technology is integrated into the intern program with features like the Intern Virtual Learning Hub, engaging virtual events, virtual team pods for communication and knowledge sharing, and online feedback tools for continuous improvement. Notably, 95% of interns found the aforementioned technologies impactful.

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Overarching Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Frontier recognizes the value of diverse perspectives, educational backgrounds, and cultures in achieving its mission of Building Gigabit America. This commitment is evident in their early talent recruitment strategy, with a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Their intern program's DEI initiatives commence by establishing partnerships with minority-serving institutions and engaging Employee Impact/Resource Group members to serve as mentors and support events with UNT, UTD, Women Mentoring Women in Engineering, Women in Computing, NSBE, and Girls Who Code. This emphasis on diversity continues through the hiring process, resulting in an intern program that is over 70% ethnically diverse and over 40% gender diverse. Interns benefit from a dedicated support team, fostering mentorship and community, leading to a remarkable 97% feeling a sense of belonging and a strong interest in returning to the company.

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Impactful Internship Program

At Frontier, interns experience an exclusive onboarding led by a dedicated team, ensuring readiness through pre-start sessions. The program mirrors the full-time employee journey with clear goals, outcomes, and reviews. Emphasizing skill development, interns create significant business impacts: implementing a Supply-Demand-Inventory Planning program (reducing planning time to under 1 minute), enhancing customer behavior assessment through persona-based segmentation, achieving a 95.6% chatbot success rate, and streamlining operations by integrating devices into our internal tracking inventory, saving hundreds of work hours. While emphasizing impactful work, the program fosters community through Snack and Chats, community service, ERG events, 7 executive committee engagements (~10 hours), and local attractions. As a result of our efforts, 93% of interns expressed a great experience, 100% expressed interest in returning, and 95% recommended the program.

Congratulations to the team at Frontier Communications for being selected as one of the winners of RippleMatch’s 2024 Campus Forward Awards!

RippleMatch’s Campus Forward Awards recognizes the top early career teams and programs in the nation. Through a detailed application process, early career teams shared their approach to recruitment, candidate experience, technology, D&I, and internship & entry-level programming. The programs picked for this award represent the best of the best, selected from applications submitted by campus recruiting teams across industries.

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