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Eva Aragon



Eva Aragon
Recruiter, T-Mobile

Eva Aragon is a recruiter with the Early in Career/Campus recruiting team at T-Mobile. Eva is responsible for all early in career hiring for the Product and Technology organization. Eva takes great pride in being able to change the landscape of technology one hire at a time, making a point to source female and people of color to fill roles.

Career Highlight

In her time on the team Eva's passion around the hiring of diverse candidates into technology has really known no bounds. In November of last year Eva created and launched a series called Magenta Chats: Connecting with Leaders of Color, this program has allowed students of color to meet directly with leaders of color and have authentic dialog about being a minority in corporate America and how T-Mobile embraces diversity. This has become a monthly event that invites thousands of students to attend and gives direct access to the business.

Congratulations to Eva Aragon for placing as the runner-up of the Talent Innovator Award in the category of Tech | Large/Enterprise Companies!

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