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About Dataminr

Dataminr is recognized as the world’s leading information discovery platform that delivers the earliest warning on high-impact events and emerging risks from public data sources. Dataminr has a global customer base with thousands of users, including Fortune 100 companies, public sector agencies, NGOs, and over 650 newsrooms worldwide.


B2B Technology


Midsize Organization (100-999 employees)

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The Pillars of an Award-Winning Program

Dataminr was selected as a 2023 Campus Forward Award Winner for their unwavering commitment to seeking out and hiring early career talent, their emphasis on diversity & inclusion, and investments in nurturing and retaining the next generation of talent. Please see below for the highlights of their approach to early career recruitment.


Demonstrated Investment in Early Career Hiring

Investing in the future of current students and recent graduates is fundamental for Dataminr, as one of its core values is to “Bring Others Along.” Every Dataminr employee understands the significance and importance of creating meaningful opportunities for its next global leaders. Each of the early career opportunities offered at Dataminr are carefully crafted to provide the space for continuous learning and individual growth of all participants. Dataminr is proud to be a leader in developing and elevating the next generation of talent.

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Innovative and Multi-Faceted Approach to University Recruitment

Dataminr makes consistent investments in innovative talent acquisition strategies to attract early career talent. A big portion of its talent branding budget is set aside each year for targeted outreach to students from underrepresented groups through various social media and content aggregator platforms. It also co-hosts several campus events each year, sponsors international academic conferences (including AAAI, CRA-WP, and Grace Hopper), and even offers individual sessions for students to meet with senior level staff around the company. Dataminr’s interview experience is fully virtual, which makes entry-level opportunities available to students no matter what their physical location is. Each application is evaluated and weighted during the hiring process, and each candidate can expect to hear from the campus recruitment team throughout.

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Overarching Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Dataminr believes that differences give it strength, and hires interns and new graduates who are empowered to be their authentic selves. To accomplish this, Dataminr’s Talent Acquisition team partners closely with the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team during the entire process of early career recruitment. Through strategic partnerships that amplify underrepresented groups, such as Sistas in Sales, Lesbians Who Tech, and Grace Hopper, Dataminr is able to connect with a diverse slate of early career candidates. Once they join the Dataminr team, interns and new grads receive the support of comprehensive wellness benefits, support and engagement with Dataminr’s 10 Employee Resource Groups, and internal mentorship and leadership program opportunities.

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Impactful Internship Program

The Dataminr internship program places interns in the driver’s seat and enables them to help solve some of the most challenging problems in the field of AI. Dataminr interns have multiple points of contact throughout the organization to provide different levels of support for the duration of the internship. They are connected with a peer through an Internship Buddy Program, a hand-selected mentor from senior staff, and a readily available manager. Throughout the internship, interns are invited to attend featured events that give them insight into the company and create an atmosphere for team bonding. Each internship position is created with a predetermined goal, so that the participating intern can be sure that their efforts will have a real world impact on the pioneering product.

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Growth and Development of the Next Generation of Talent

Dataminr offers several internal programs that ensure both professional and personal growth of young professionals. The week-long Orientation and Onboarding programs ensure that every new hire feels welcome and able to comfortably navigate life at Dataminr. The Mentorship program presents an opportunity to work with senior leaders around the company, even outside of direct teams. The Continuous Education program provides access to internal and external training materials, such as an Emerging Leaders program and full access to LinkedIn Learning for every employee. The Dataminr “Then, Now, Next” program offers an opportunity to make a connection with one random person around the company each month and learn about their professional career.

Congratulations to the team at Dataminr for being selected as one of the winners of RippleMatch’s 2023 Campus Forward Awards!

RippleMatch’s Campus Forward Awards recognizes the top early career teams and programs in the nation. Through a detailed application process, early career teams shared their approach to recruitment, candidate experience, D&I, and internship & entry-level programming. The programs picked for this award represent the best of the best, selected from applications submitted by campus recruiting teams across industries.

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