Alexia Huggins


Alexia Huggins



Alexia Huggins
University Relations & Summer Internship Program Manager, Walgreens

Alexia Huggins is the University Relations & Summer Internship Program Manager at Walgreens. In her role at Walgreens, she is tasked with the responsibility of developing enterprise early talent recruitment strategies to attract top, diverse talent across multiple divisions in addition to creating a best-in-class summer internship program experience for the 500+ interns the company hosts on an annual basis. Alexia is passionate about organizing and implementing a top-notch internship experience that showcases the intern's skills while helping to accelerate business results.

Career Highlight

When COVID-19 hit, Alexia was tasked with spearheading the shift of the entire enterprise's early talent recruitment strategy and intern program to a completely virtual experience. She created process guides and toolkits that included best practices to help prepare and upskill campus teams for the virtual space. In addition, through her strong partnership and collaboration skills, she helped to broaden targeted partnerships that helped the corporate intern program achieve a 50% POC and 66% Female hiring metric for the 2021 intern class, a 150% improvement from 2020.

Congratulations to Alexia Huggins for winning the Talent Innovator Award in the category of CPG & Retail! 

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