Diversity in the Workplace

Strategic Insights Into How Traditionally Underrepresented Talent Is Approaching Today’s Recruitment Landscape

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As populations continue to become more diverse, representation at the professional level needs to rise as well. But most workplaces are still behind on these goals, underscoring an urgency to progress on D&I initiatives, especially for the incoming generation of workers.

But which initiatives for creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce resonate with today's candidates, and how can your company better prepare itself to support candidates across genders, races & ethnicities as they look for jobs and enter the labor market? In August 2022, we conducted a survey of more than 2,600 students to help talent teams understand diverse candidates entering the market today. 

What do more than 2,600 Gen Z candidates across different genders, races & ethnicities value in their employers today? Our latest report highlights varying preferences for what makes a positive candidate experience, where diverse talent today wants to work, and the most effective ways companies can illustrate their commitment to D&I. 

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What you'll learn from this report:

What challenges do diverse candidates expect to face in their job search this year?

What is on candidates' minds as they hunt for internships and jobs during an economic cool down? We’ve collected that data, and how it varies across gender, race & ethnicity.

What makes for a good candidate experience across students from different backgrounds?

What matters most to different candidates as they proceed through your hiring process? We have the answers to these questions and more.

How have all candidates' attitudes toward reneges shifted in an uncertain economic climate?

What would it take for candidates from different backgrounds to rescind their offers as we move away from a candidate-driven market? We analyzed the state of reneges today.

What discrepancies exist when it comes to where candidates of different backgrounds want to work?

Are your policies around flexible work arrangements in line with what diverse members of Gen Z want in the workplace? We asked students their preferences for workplace settings.

How much do candidates value companies' D&I efforts, and what actions matter most? 

What are candidates truly evaluating when it comes to employers' D&I efforts? We got you covered with data on how diverse members of Gen Z feel about the factors that contribute to a more inclusive workforce.


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